Suns​hine Massage & Body Work

"A therapeutic oasis for every body"

Zen Loft Wellness Center

​6 W. Downer Place

Aurora, IL 60506


Policies & Procedures

To Book an Appointment

Text Emily Beaupre

(630) 465-5734

~ Please DO NOT ask me for services that are unbecoming of my sacred profession ~

See my No Shenanigan Policy for details.


At Sunshine Massage & Body Work, we strive to make your experience as enjoyable as possible.

Standard with each massage session:

- Full 60 minutes, no 50-minute "spa hour"

- Hot stones, gua-sha tools, cupping, fascia scrubbing--client's preference

- Heated massage table

- Memory foam topper

- Bolsters for proper spinal alignment

- 100% Organic Jojoba or Coconut Oil

- Aromatherapy – upon request

- Relaxing spa music or clients’ preference

- Complimentary teas and water

Clients are welcome to customize their session by providing their own oil, sheets, aromatherapy, music, etc. that will enhance their enjoyment of the experience.



With over 20+ years of experience, we offer a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere with sessions that are tailored to clients’ individual needs and preferences.

Sessions begin with an assessment and a brief chat about what the client would like out of their session that day.

Sessions are booked half an hour apart, so you are never rushed in or out.