Sunshine Massage & Body Work

"A therapeutic oasis for every body"

Zen Loft Wellness Center

​6 W. Downer Place

Aurora, IL 60506


Policies & Procedures

To Book an Appointment

Text Emily Beaupre

(630) 465-5734

~ Please DO NOT ask me for services that are unbecoming of my sacred profession ~

See my No Shenanigan Policy for details.


Effective 12/23/2020

Violation of this boundary will result in


being PUBLICLY DISPLAYED on my page

and local LAW ENFORCEMENT may be notified

By requesting an appointment, you understand this and waive your right to privacy if you violate this trust

COVID-19 Policies & Procedures

In efforts to keep our clientele safe during this next phase of COVID-19, we’ve taken the following precautions:

  • Smaller, private room with only one client present in the studio at a time
  • Masks are required at all times for both practitioner and client
  • 2 large open windows with “in/out” fans in both windows for an open-air feel studio environment
  • 1 large oscillating fan to circulate the air even more
  • Heated mattress pad, heated blankets, heated foot warming pad to keep clients toasty
  • Advanced cleaning protocol* with 15 minutes of air sterilization between each client 

Clients also have the freedom to:

  • Bring their own sheets and disinfect the table/room as they'd like
  • Bring their own oils/lotions, or room-cleansing aromatherapy
  • Bring a set of gloves for their practitioner to wear during contact

*Cleaning protocol follows the latest COVID-19 guidelines as outlined by AMBP insurance company and in accordance with the WHO and CDC for healthcare professionals.

More information on current guidelines regarding COVID-19 for our massage profession can be found here.

Please email us with any questions or concerns

about how our guidelines will affect your massage session here.